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Our Story



We are a large, pet-loving family from Connecticut. Over the years, we’ve had over 14 dogs in our lives.

More recently, our two yellow labs, Nauset and Brewster, became prone to acral lick dermatitis, a common condition in many dogs. Once the itch-lick cycle started it was hard to stop and quickly grew into a large raw open sore. We tried applying tape, but after constant licking and pulling, the tape unraveled and they were back at it. The vet prescribed a cone as the only solution, however, it was not a solution for us. Neither the dogs nor our home could tolerate the irritation and destruction.

Our dogs are very active, and the cone completely disrupted their day. They couldn't run, wrestle, fetch, play, go for a hike, or even hop up into the car!  Not only was their active lifestyle disrupted, but even simple tasks like eating and drinking, climbing the stairs, and snuggling on the couch were a constant struggle. One pass by the coffee table and everything was on the floor! The pups were unhappy and so were we.


As proverbial necessity is the mother of invention, so began the search for better wound protection.



Our kitchen island became the workbench. As different materials were researched, tried, and tested, daily deliveries of materials became routine. An exacto-knife carved out prototypes and Nauset and Brewster became the test subjects. The prototypes were put through a battery of tests, including comfort and durability, ease of application, and lick resistance (ie. the peanut butter test. See photo.) 


For over two years the bandage was developed and perfected, which led to a patent issued on December 25, 2018.  Since then, ProudPet Patch production has moved off the kitchen island and onto the factory floor but still remains a small family-owned and operated business. 


The ProudPet Patch was born out of the need to find an alternative to the cone and morphed into something so much more - a better, kinder bandage for wound care, with several other advantageous features. It has been a lifesaver in our home, and we want to share it with all other pet parents who call their pups family, just like us.



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