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  • Does the ProudPet Patch bandage work on all dogs?
    Yes, though it is not recommended for puppies. The bandage comes in 4 sizes. Refer to the size chart in the online shop. Also, the size of the wound should be taken into consideration. You don’t need a large bandage for a small wound. Choose the bandage according to the size of the wound.
  • What is the bandage best used for?
    For hot spots, lick granulomas, stitches and wounds on both front and hind legs.
  • What precautions should I take when using the bandage?
    Monitor as you would monitor the cone. Do not tie the straps too tight. As with anything tied too tight, this can cut off circulation. The velcro used to make the patch extremely uncomfortable to lick, may stick to certain fabrics, especially knits. Position the strap to avoid any irritation to joints or toes.
  • What is a lick granuloma?
    Lick granulomas are a chronic skin problem caused by excessive licking and very difficult to cure. They are open sores and if left unresolved, long term repercussions can include scarring, permanent hair loss, OCD, stress & anxiety.
  • How long does a bandage last?
    About a week, it's really dependent on your pet’s activity. Remember 2 bandages come in every order.
  • Are the bandages reusable?
    Typically not once the inner adhesive covering is removed. The bandage can be used without removing the adhesive covering and then the Velcro straps become the sole means of holding the bandage in place. This can extend the use of the bandage.
  • Does the ProudPet Patch completely replace the need for the cone?
    For wounds, dermatologic conditions (hot spots, lick granulomas) and post-surgery healing stitches on pet’s front or hind legs, the Proud Pet patch is a great alternative to the dreaded cone.
  • How do I apply the bandage?
    Very easily with no need for gauze or tape. Simply remove the adhesive covering, press down, then apply the Velcro straps. Please view the 1 minute instructional video or package insert for further details.
  • “My dog ripped the bandage off right away - what should I do?”
    As with anything new it’s important to closely monitor your pet until they get comfortable with the Proud Pet Patch. Some dogs adapt quickly and in other cases, a cone may have to be used until the dog gets used to it. The bandage is extremely comfortable for them to wear, and extremely uncomfortable for them to lick.
  • How many do you recommend buying in an order?
    One package containing 2 bandages should last about 2 weeks. This is the typical time for dermatologic wounds and healing stitches. If there is a chronic problem (i.e. lick granulomas or hot spots), you may need more.
  • How many bandages are in a package?
    Every order comes with 2 bandages in a package.
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