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Veterinarian with Dog

Veterinarian Approved:
ProudPet Patch Earns the Approval as a VetEndorsed Brand

As pet product manufacturers, we know how challenging it can be to get veterinarians involved with and endorsing your brand. That's why we're thrilled to announce that ProudPet Patch has earned the prestigious approval as a VetEndorsed brand!

Collaborating with Veterinary Experts

VetEndorsed has created a network of veterinarians and specialists who are interested in working directly with the pet product industry. This new avenue for collaboration has been long overdue, benefiting manufacturers, veterinarians, and - most importantly - the pets we all care about.


Putting Pets First

The VetEndorsed team thoroughly tests and evaluates pet products, only granting their approval to those they would confidently recommend for use in their own veterinary clinics. When you see how the ProudPet Patch has earned the approval as a VetEndorsed brand, you can trust that it meets the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

What This Means for Pet Parents

As pet parents ourselves, we know how important it is to provide our furry family members with products that are safe, effective, and recommended by veterinary experts. The ProudPet Patch approval as a VetEndorsed  brand gives you that peace of mind, assuring you that you're giving your pet the very best.

Becoming an approved VetEndorsed brand is a testament to the quality and care we put into every aspect of ProudPet Patch. We're proud to be recognized by this network of veterinary professionals, and we're excited to continue providing pet parents with vet-recommended solutions they can trust.


Dr. Steph, founder of VetEndorsed


Veterinarians Recommend the ProudPet™ Patch

"This worked great for foot licking/pododermatitis for my dog. She tends to focus on the dorsal aspects of the paw and the bandage was large enough to cover the entire location without putting a cone on."

Learn More

Curious to learn more about VetEndorsed and the pet products they support?

Visit their website below. 

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