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Stress-Free Pet Bandage

A Better Bandage for Your Pet and You

Cone Alternative


Air cavity design prevents irritating bandage contact with the wound.

ProudPet™ Patch

The ProudPet™ Patch provides the most comfortable bandage for your pet and the most convenient bandage for you. 

A Game Changer.


Use For:
Hot Spots, Acral Lick Dermatitis, Stitches and Wounds on Front and Hind Legs

Lick Resistant

The outer surface of the bandage is made of a VELCRO® brand hook material that discourages pets from licking or chewing.

Wound Observation

Easily view the progress of the wound through the holes in the top of the bandage. There is no need to remove the bandage.

Adjustable Air Circulation

The design keeps the bandage from coming in contact with the wound and allows for regulated air flow which is not

only comfortable, but aids in quick healing.

Easy Ointment Application

Simply remove the vent hole cover strips and apply ointment through the

bandage holes. There is no need to remove the bandage each time!

Water Resistant

Unlike standard pet bandages, the ProudPet Patch™ is water resistant, so

you won’t need to replace it every time it gets wet.


No more “cone of shame” for injuries on pets’ legs.



Step 1

Love your pet.

Step 2

Remove velcro straps & paper adhesive.

Step 3

Position patch over the wound, press down to secure, then re-apply velcro straps.

Step 4

Simply use the access hole to apply ointment, allow air circulation and/or observe the wound without removing the bangage. 

ProudPet Patch Sizing


Rob S. (Pet Parent)

"We started using the patch for an injury that the vet had provided us a cone to use. Our dog, Corey, is very active and likes to chew on things but he left the patch alone. We were able to go on hikes and the patch never came off and the wound was completely healed. I strongly recommend the patch as an alternative to the cone."






Lincoln with Dr. Carell

Lincoln with Dr. Carell







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